Mid Continent Liberty Fest

I attended this festival of free thinkers, state abolitionists, voluntaryists, agorists in the foothills of the Ozarks this weekend. This was the first one and there are plans for another one in the Spring.

People from Chicago, Colorado, North Carolina, Missouri, Arkansas and more attended.

It was an amazing time. Many great conversations, camaraderie, and spontaneous order.

John Bush, co-founder of Freedom Cells, and his partner, Rebecca Powers, made the trek from Austin to be there. John and I did a livestream from the festival and discussed Freedom Cells and what our Tulsa Area Cell is currently accomplishing and working on.

We met with the Ozark groups too and we plan on attending each other’s meetings. Wonderful to see people collaborating peacefully for our freedoms!

Here is the livestream:

Join John Bush and Lisa Bowman of the Tulsa Freedom Cell at Mid-content Liberty Fest as they present an introduction of the Freedom Cell Network with a focus on organizing and the benefits of the network for participants.