Administrative nonsense is another issue for public ed

There have been horrific decreases in the quality of work life for educators over the past decades.

As has been correctly pointed out, they have to deal with more and more, while having their hands increasingly tied.

They have to worry about administrative burdens and state tests instead of being able to focus simply on teaching.

I’m a big advocate of correcting the sort of nonsense that interferes with teachers’ teaching. I’m not opposed to higher pay, but I think fighting over that distracts from fighting to correct the educational systemic problems that ruin the teaching experience for both teachers and students.

Of course, while some of those problems do come from legislative mandates, a great part of them come from the administrators in the system who are often more worried about covering their backs instead of focusing on the students and teachers.

We don’t hear enough about school boards and school administrators, and what they can and can not do.

For example, school boards are in charge of pay, not the state Legislature.

The Legislature has created some minimums, but school boards can pay what they want – or what they are able to pay. How often is money directed by bureaucrats away from teachers and classrooms

that would be better spent in those places? Teachers undoubtedly know this better than any of us.

Over 50 percent of our state budget goes to education. As I understand it, schools often do not have the legal flexibility needed to make good use of all that money.

They’re often mandated to spend on things they don’t need, and at other times, they are prohibited from spending on things they do need. Money is largely already in the system, but it is much easier – and more advantageous politically and monetarily – for some to target legislators and just ask for more money.

Teacher friends, you know I love you. Most of you know I don’t begrudge higher salaries for you, either.

But our education system has issues that go beyond salaries, and most of you prove that point by continuing the work you do.

I want to help you all have jobs and work that you can enjoy and look forward to again, without all the stress created and put upon you by the system. I want a better quality of life for you and your students.

Part of that solution may well be higher pay. But a big part of the solution will have to come from all of you standing up and speaking out about the nonsense within your schools that is killing your joy of teaching.

I have heard many times about fearing administrative retaliation, and I have little doubt such fears

are legitimate.

But I want you to know you have allies. Many want to help you improve the system and your environments as teachers.

You are in a corporate education complex on which many special interests live well, financially benefiting off the status quo at the expense of you and our students while wrapping themselves in rhetoric about being “for” you and our students.

Help us to help you.

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