The Small Everyday Deeds

Here in our little corner of the world known as Green Country in Northeast Oklahoma, we are doing what we can to counter this so-called dark winter we have been warned about. We are a small, yet active group. We are wonderfully diverse. Our list of ideas is infinite but we strive to be pragmatic and realistic. This can seem as though we are not doing enough or not doing it fast enough. Afterall, we have only so much time to spare, so many resources at our disposal, and so much energy to expend. But we are forging ahead no matter. With the winter descending upon us and productivity slowing down a bit, it is a perfect time to plan, learn, and prepare.

A few things we are doing to keep the darnkess at bay follow:

Build the Agora: I created a list of people in our circles who provide their own goods and services in order to build our local agorist network.
We will work outside of the regulatory banking system as much as possible. One of our members created this site for people globally to list their businesses, goods or services. He was promoting it heavily in all of his networks and our group shared it with all of our networks. He advertised “Black Market Friday”. Black Market Friday came and so many people visited the site, it crashed! He was able to pull more resources to it and got it up and running again. This is so encouraging though!

Entrepenuership: Create value for others. Do you have an idea for a side hustle or business? Is it something you could do with some trusted friends? A couple of us are business owners, a couple are retired, a couple are unemployed, and a few work the 9-5 grind. We would all prefer to have our own thing going, some side hustles or a business. We arelooking for ways to provide value to others that will not be so dependent on lockdown/shutdown/mask-mandate status. Together, I believe we could craft some magical entity that would help support us all.

We are discussing Agorapreneurship and ways we could generate income for us individually as well as a way to fund our group projects.

Focus on the the OG normal: In Tulsa, the articles about the BMX races “being allowed” at the Expo Center are receiving mixed comments as you can imagine. It seems like a paradox in the city of mask-Karens and Kyles, where many are advocating the force of government to coerce their neighbors into compliance.

Go for walks and hikes. Visit the parks. Have get togethers with your freedom minded friends and family. Identify the businesses that are not enforcing masks and patron them. Even better, gather a group and go together.

Our little freedom cell recently attended a gathering at a memeber’s farm in the foothills of the Ozarks. We met with other autonomous-focused groups from Arkansas, Missouri, and Arizona. We made those face to face connections. We hugged, we smiled and laughed alot! We shared food and drink and herb. The owner gave us a tour of his place, his chickens, gardens, greenhouse, water catchment system and more. He explained how he built the house, the greenhouse, chicken coop, and incorporated the water catchment. We discussed his gardens and gardening techniques. We had a lovely hike through the hills on his property. It was an amazing time and so refreshing!

We are also organzing a skill share with HAM radio. A few of our members purchased hand-held HAMs and we will be holding a tutorial workshop facilitated by one of our members.

Live free: Embrace the courage within you and do not comply every chance you can. If the most you will encounter is a cranky person calling you out for flexing your freedom, just deal with it and carry on. It won’t hurt you. Smile often. Let them see your smile! Our wise friend and member Mike often shares this quote by Ernest Hancock, “If you’re not a little bit uncomfortable with your position, it isn’t radical enough.”

Support the freedom lovers: There are a lot of great people podcasting, producing magazines, writing articles, creating agorist trade listings, sharing information on social media, and more. Support them in any way you can whether it’s monetarily or sharing their website, pages, posts etc. We all have our roles to play. Let’s support each other and help illuminate the path to autonomy.

Support your health: Stay healthy – mentally, physically and spiritually. We will be even more challenged in the coming months and keeping our wits about us and staying healthy will be crucial. Eat well, stay active, and lean on your support network when times get tough. Nutrituous food, daily activity, yoga, meditation, communing with friends, whatever it takes to keep you out of the darkness, do it. The architechs of this “great reset” are trying to break our spirits and defeat us in every way possible. This is called re-programming, brainwashing, social engineering and it will take vigilance to maintain our strength.

Connect with others: Check out the Freedom Cell Network and start connecting with people in your area or even on the platform. It has grown six-fold since March as individuals are looking for kindred spirits and to organize with. Create a meetup of your own to connect with others.

Those are just a few things at the forefront of my mind and that our group is incorporating. When our group is together, we laugh and smile alot. We encourage and support each other in our individual pursuits. It is a heavy burden many of us carry right now but we can and will overcome this. We can get through this dark winter while planting the seeds of freedom and sustainability outside of the systems of control and tyranny. We are working on “the collective collaboration for the benefit of the individual”, in the words of John Bush.

I was reminded of that great quote in the book ‘The Hobbit’ by J. R. R. Tolkien: “It is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.”

It may seem like our small everyday deeds are in vain but it is quite the opposite. With each small step we help lay a solid foundation for ourselves and others upon which we build and fortify our autonomy. Stay vigilant and free, my friends.

Peace, Love and Anarchy from NE-OK Agorists

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