September Gathering – Open Borders and Immigration

Please join us as we discuss immigration policy through the political lens of the Republican and Democratic parties and the potential impacts they may have on individual liberty. We will finish up by talking about the concept of open borders and libertarianism. This should be a lively event at a brand new venue. There will be plenty of great food and drink, so bring your appetite and arguments!

Thursday, September 6th at 6 pm 

We will be on the BACK PATIO.
We’ll post the food truck line up when that info is available.
Fuel 66 carries a wide variety of local craft brews.

Fuel 66
(11th Street, East of Lewis)
2439 EAST 11TH ST

2 thoughts on “September Gathering – Open Borders and Immigration

  1. I do not know of any Libertarian who advocates “open borders”,With over 50 yr. of dealing with the inequities within the present immigration system I do advocate major overhaul of the system to eradicate the ethnic and cultural bias that I have witnessed. I believe that is the view of most people who have witnessed, at our ports of entry, the inhumane treatment of those human-beings who”dared to be born” different.


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