January Gathering: Clear for the New Year

What word would you use to describe 2020?
Regardless of your individual experience over the past 10 months, TRAUMATIZING is an apt descriptor of 2020 for all of us on some level. There is not an area of society that has been unaffected by the events of this past year and we will need serious healing from its effects individually, as a community, and as a society in order to move forward on a healthy path that will ultimately benefit not only ourselves, but also the generations that will follow us.
With our special guest, practitioner Andrea Reed, January’s gathering of Liberty on Tap will focus on the work of Ancestral Clearing, a practice that allows individuals to resolve the past in order to move forward through life unburdened.
You can expect to learn what Ancestral Clearing is and how it can help remove blocks from your life, address old issues from the past (including issues that we may not even be consciously aware of!), and resolve issues that may have been passed down from previous generations and soul experiences. Learn what it means to finally allow yourself to be freed from energetic patterns that are tied to your ancestors.
As usual, we are meeting on the first Thursday of the month, January 7th, at 6:00. We have a spot reserved at Fox & Hound in BA. Please let us know if you are attending so we can provide adequate space.
About Andrea:
Andrea Reed was born and raised on Vancouver Island, Canada. After seven years in England, working in hotel management and running organic food stores, Andrea moved to Oklahoma to marry her husband.
In 2010, she founded the Oklahoma Center for Wellness, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, dedicated to educating the public about the necessity of utilizing sustainable resources in all areas of our lives. Through the non-profit, she hosts annual events like The Holistic Birth and Baby Event and The Holistic Women’s Wellness Event.
Andrea has over two decades of experience in the natural health and wellness industry in three countries. She is a Silver Leader with Young Living Essential Oils and is committed to sharing Ancestral Clearing with everyone who wants to benefit from this work, via workshops and private sessions.
Andrea’s purpose, along with raising and homeschooling her two boys and enjoying time with her husband, is to help empower people with natural and complimentary options to support their physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial lives.
Since 2017, Andrea has completed four of John Newton’s practitioner trainings to learn Ancestral Clearing techniques and has been working with clients using these techniques ever since.
You can find Andrea here.

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