Vaccine Awareness in Tulsa

Karen Cuellar, who will be facilitating Liberty on Tap’s next Gathering on Thursday, April 4th, recently brought attention to the obvious effort to manipulate the public about the measles vaccination:

“The year measles was declared eradicated in the US, there were 86 cases. 86 NOT zero. Few enough to call it eradicated though. Now you may think that our hospitals are overflowing with measles patients, the world is on fire, and people who don’t vaccinate are killing the entire planet and spreading the measles disease if you’ve been watching the news or reading news posts. Well, we are up to 107 cases here the last I checked, average for the year, and no deaths. The CDC doesn’t even list it as a current outbreak. Is that hard to believe with the news you’ve been reading? That your friends have been posting? I see about 25 measles stories per day.

The media spreads fear and hate, not facts. They love to get you to hate whole people groups – blacks, whites, rich, poor, Muslims, Christians, red hatters, Black lives matter, Blue lives matter etc. They like for you to hate and fear collectively, so the government can step in and collectively remove rights. The goal is ALWAYS division, then power and control that you freely give up when you bite the bait and fear people that do things differently than you do. They say they can harm you, or your children, and to be scared of them. FEAR. HATE. And we always fall for it. Then we happily handover some form of freedom for “safety.” This is what’s obviously happening right now, the numbers above should prove that to you. They certainly don’t match the headlines, which should read, “Measles still nearly eradicated.”

As you can see, there is a powerful movement to convince you to hate the people group who no longer buy vaccine products, who question vaccine safety, and who demand to bring back liability and accountability to vaccine manufacturers, forcing them to use better ingredients and make their product more safe, as well as requiring them to perform the same safety studies that are required on all other drugs before they are approved to be used. This is the way the free market works and handles bad products. People stop buying a product, demand they make it better, and if the company wants to survive they make a product that the public wants to buy. In the case of vaccines however, the pharmaceutical industry is trying to get the government to force it upon the public without having to change it or make it safer, using the media to incite fear to get you, the consumer, to give up your right to choose to buy it. People who no longer buy vaccines are an easy target to label, swoop in and use to remove medical rights from all of us – plus, get by with selling a crappy unsafe product that doesn’t deserve to be on the market.

Medical rights are a big deal. Removing this people group’s parental rights also removes parental rights from YOU. The push to remove individual rights to make medical decisions for ourselves is important – Remember Alfie Evans? That’s what happens when, little by little, you give government the ability to make medical decisions for you and your loved ones. You don’t get that power back once it’s given, they only take more.

There is also a push to silence this people group from social media, and remove their right to free speech, because people are starting to look around and see the effects of vaccines unchecked with zero accountability. This should be a red flag for you. It will be labeled hate speech and considered terrorism to question vaccine manufacturers, and many of you are helping that happen. You are spreading fear and hate. You are a pawn in a game for control and the media is pulling your strings.

Tell me, how much do you trust the makers of Vioxx, and other drug companies? Enough to make one of their liability-free products mandatory for all? Enough to give them the power to create any concoction they like and it be forced on you and your new born child? How many deaths and recalls have there been on drugs that are required to have certain safety studies and that they are liable for? Imagine how they handle their science and studies regarding vaccines when those requirements do not exist. Would you be for mandatory Vioxx? Well, Vioxx actually went through the correct safety studies, and you can actually sue the manufacturer if there is any injury. Not so with that measles vaccine, yet many of you are salivating over removing an individuals right to not buy it. What a very dangerous slippery slope you toy with.

You have been played, and lied to. Regardless of if you choose every single vaccine on the schedule and keep up with all of your adult boosters (you are actually considered unvaccinated if you don’t) or if you choose to only buy five, or you choose to buy none – it’s your choice. This decision is a God-given (or natural if you don’t believe in a creator) right that is to be protected by government, not infringed upon and removed by a majority of scared, fearful individuals. That’s tyranny. And remember, when you advocate to use the government as your weapon of force to remove individual rights from your neighbor, you will find yourself in their shoes someday with no one to advocate for you. I sure won’t.

Stop being *triggered* by the media. 86 cases = eradicated. 107 cases does not equal panic, hate, trampling the rights of others and losing your minds.” Karen Cuellar

Agree or disagree, this is a topic that people of all ideologies need to at least be aware of. In this nonjudgmental setting, everyone’s opinion is valid and worthy of consideration. No question is off limits.

We will be meeting at the FlowerCraft Event Center located at 2606 S. Sheridan (2nd floor). Admission is free, but let us know you are coming here. When it comes to vaccine safety, the people on this panel — Casey Macpherson, Megan Sutton, and Donna Dement — are some of the most informed people you’ll ever meet. We are looking forward to the opportunity to bring more awareness of vaccine safety to the Tulsa community.

Featured image swiped from Oklahomans for Health and Parental Rights.


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