Honor the Freedom Fighters

“The best way to show gratitude is to honor the lineage – to not allow their good efforts go to waste. Shows respect and gratitude.” Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche

This quote brought my thoughts to the brothers and sisters who are working diligently to create a new, free world; one based on voluntary associations, agorism, counter economics, without the force of a group of people calling themselves government.

So many now are under a spell. They have fallen prey to the brainwashing and programming by the system – the media, government, banksters, oligarch, elitists – they are all on the same team. They write the script and the spellbound follow it.

They do a great disservice to those freedom fighters and protectors of liberty before us by condoning such darkness. I do not refer to the propped up politicians who we have been programmed to worship like Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson. They were all tyrants. Because of their status they deemed themselves the writers of a declaration to create a free world. Newsflash…it was a free world until government became involved. The true freedom fighters were those who took up arms against their aggressors wanting only to be left alone to live out a peaceful life. Once government arrived the slaughtering ensued on a grand scale. Indigenous people, peaceful people – government brought with it lawlessness in the very true sense of the word. It excused criminal behavior on a massive scale. It manipulated people to believe that a central government was needed by 1) creating a legalized criminal monopoly and 2) professing to protect others from criminal behavior. It simultaneously became problem and misperceived solution and it continues to do so to this day.

There are so many nameless, faceless upholders of freedom throughout our history and there are a few who have made a mark in the history. However, you will not see most in the history books in public education system. The likes of Lysander Spooner (a true abolitionist, philosopher, writer, influencer), Samuel E. Konkin III (Agorist), Frederick Douglass (slave), Harriett Tubman (slave and underground railroad) are just a drop in the bucket. So much work has been repressed and censored throughout the ages, much like we are seeing today on our social media and internet platforms. The censorship of liberty focused, independent media, and free thinkers is rampant.

In today’s climate where freedom and liberty have become synonymous with selfishness and hatred, the so-called dissenters are the true heroes. They do it not for the glory but for the love of humanity. Using the force of government to coerce their fellow humans is inhumane. This serves no one but the ruling elite which in turn only contributes to your own enslavement.

We dare not become complacent as we will lose ground. In combat you keep up pressure, you don’t back down when you start winning.

Let’s continue to honor those before us by staying strong in our pursuits of freedom and expressing our gratitude for their work.

We are winning!

This is a good time to remember Lysander Spooner today on what would be his 213th birthday.

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