The Downfall of a Society

Tulsa has a problem. You can hardly go anywhere these days without seeing someone wearing saggy pants. It’s horrible. I can barely find the courage to leave my apartment. Trips to Walmart become a danger to myself and especially children. There is no telling what is waiting for you in the next aisle. As I turn the corner, I say a silent prayer that I won’t meet someone crazy enough to let their pants sag. If it’s late at night and I have to get gas, I have to weigh the decision: do I run out of gas or do I want to take my chances and go to the gas station knowing that I could see someone with sagging pants?

Things didn’t used to be this way in Tulsa. It used to be a high-waisted place for pants. Children could play outside without the fear of being assaulted by low pants and parents didn’t have to worry. Such is not the case today. Councilor Jack Henderson has recognized this impending pants problem for years. He told the Tulsa World that he has been considering the best course of action for three years. Personally, I’m afraid this size of pants problem could take around five or six years to fix. If it will ever be fixed at all.

Henderson told the Tulsa World, “”What they do, in the normal course of their everyday jobs, if they (police) happen to see somebody, they can give them a ticket,” he said. I’m really quite shocked that we need a City ordinance to tell the police they can give someone a ticket for this horrible practice; it should just be common sense that this is morally corrupt and punishable behavior. If we allow the citizens of Tulsa to wear pants around their ankles, what else is next for this city?! For the children, for our city and for our future, we must back and support this necessary city ordinance that says no one in their right mind can wear these saggy pants!

These kinds of ordinances to protect the fabric of society have been passed in other cities such as Wildwood, New Jersey. In Wildwood you can face a fine of up to $200 dollars for allowing your pants to fall three inches too low. (Imagine all the belts you could buy with that money!) New Jersey certainly knows how to fight corruption and preserve the moral fibers of our nation.

I urge you to consider calling your city councilor and let them know that instead of getting out of our lives and letting us make decisions for ourselves, they must intervene to prevent boys (and girls if necessary) from letting their pants get too low. Beg them, cry, plead with them and hopefully they will see how absolutely necessary this type of ordinance is for our great city. Otherwise, people will be deciding what to wear on their own every day of the week! If we all stand together, we too can raise our pants proudly to our waist and declare Tulsa a sag free city.

For the children.

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