What happens to us when we become afraid? We go into fight or flight mode and the other areas of our brain basically shut down. Think back as far as you can. Can you remember a time when there was no threat to ‘our’ country? How has this affected you? How do you respond to the little color coded Fear Threat created by the state?

With a century of war, I imagine it is difficult to remember a time when the USG didn’t tell us that we need to be afraid of something. However, there has been a steady increase of fear over the years and it has worked amazingly well to persuade people to surrender control and responsibility to the nanny state. The latest bogeyman: Mexicans, Muslims and Ebola.

When fear has been engaged critical thinking is disengaged and the threat du jour must be addressed now! What is the solution? Government policy? Perhaps they need to rally more people to jump on board the unfounded fear train to gain strength in numbers then the majority will demand government policy be created to deal with it. Let the propaganda commence!

Individuals practice religion. Individuals cultivate philosophy. Individuals act. A religion does not. A government does not. But many will use these collective titles as banners for whatever purpose they want to promote. There then grows a collective consciousness that spreads like a cancer. It will cause people to act irrationally, rejecting logic, halting critical thinking, and organizing committees, policies, alphabet agencies, and lynch mobs. The ruling class is well practiced in propping up enemies before the people to promote its agendas. While the individuals who make up government are throwing out scary images to the masses, they distract them from the real threat: the state itself. With its diabolical deception and mastery of manipulation, many have adopted the religion of statism. The practitioners of statism are by far the most dangerous threat for they perpetuate the state’s existence and its illegitimate authority to violently control the masses.

The state has committed more murder, theft, and kidnapping that any of the other so called enemies the state has created for us. Where is the condemnation of the war on drugs which has victimized thousands? Unlawful spying? Or the unjust and unlawful search and seizure by the TSA? Murder by drone? The state is the callous captor, not the benevolent protector. The state has convinced people that without it they will perish. When the people beg the state to protect them they willingly relinquish their liberty for fear of the monster hiding in the closet. If they honestly look, though, they will find that there is no monster. It is a fabricated fable used to control because fear will keep them in line.

Here is a suggestion to dispel fear and think clearly again: Turn off the 24/7 infotainment cable “news” channels and the relentlessly ranting occupiers of the radio waves.This is the ruling class’ great weapon of mass control. Ask some questions. Get the critical thinking skills lubricated and functioning. Fear based mind control is an effective tool used to alter rational thought and behavior. When one bows down and asks the state to take the reins, he begs evil to rule. The state is not a necessary evil. It is just evil.

Hate is born of fear of which we become a prisoner. The other side of fear is freedom.


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