Negativity, Distortion, and Misinformation Not Condoned By All

I may not agree with everything in this blog but it speaks very well to the type of nonsense that has largely been perpetrated by State Chairman David Weston and the Oklahoma Republican Party.

As this blog points out, this race was generally being run on the battlefield of ideas until others recently started pushing the negativity and even spreading misinformation.

This is not an endorsement of Elect Dr. John Cox for State Superintendent over Joy Hofmeister.

It is my dissatisfaction and disfavor with tactics, methods, and means being used by a few which is turning an otherwise honest race nasty and damaging the party’s reputation in the process.

Such tactics work in the short term but at a cost. Long term however it will just continue to drive people away from being involved as it proves politics as usual continues to reign.

Victory on such grounds is no victory. If we can not do better at the State level how can we expect better at the Federal level.

Disclosure: I voiced some of my concerns more privately via email with no improvement before I chose to speak up here.