Lifestyle Decentralization = Freedom

I have been pursuing a hobby over the past few years. It started small at first, but the more I got into it, the more I found myself looking for different ways to do it – like a personal challenge. I have found this hobby essential to my journey toward personal freedom and fulfillment so I want to share it with you.
off grid solar home decentralization
It is Lifestyle Decentralization.

What is Lifestyle Decentralization? First of all it is an attitude – an attitude of independence, adventure, creativity, and more. I think of it as minimalism, but instead of paring down belongings, which is also very liberating, Lifestyle Decentralization means paring down our interactions with the state and centrally planned systems of control and then focusing our energies on associations, interactions, and transactions that are voluntary and non-hierarchical. On the practical side, it means taking responsibility for our own lives and fully enjoying the fruits of our own labor.

The Dervaes Family Urban Homestead

The Dervaes Family Urban Homestead

The future (and the present for those who want it) is trending toward decentralization and this is beautiful and liberating for humanity!

We already see this trend being realized at various levels all around us. Take a look at people who have decisively opted out of centralized structures in education, religion, information, currency, food production and procurement, health care, transportation, utilities, and more. It’s very apparent that the movement toward decentralized lifestyles is flourishing!

It is exciting to see the creativity that people possess and refreshing that so many people are choosing to take responsibility for their own lives rather than being dependent on faceless bureaucracies and hierarchies to meet their needs and supply their market demands.

We know that the technology, human ingenuity, and demand for decentralized delivery of goods and services exists and is even gaining momentum. At the same time, pushback against decentralization continues to come from those who have a stake in the current structure.
no monopoly decentralization
If your natural response is to question the motives of those who attempt to force people into controlled, monolithic, top-down, centralized systems or who desperately cling to outmoded paradigms that serve to protect their own power, you are on to something. If you question the benefits or even the morality of centralization, you are on the right path.

Keep going.

And now the fun part – putting this into practice! If the concept of Lifestyle Decentralization resonates with you, begin where you are and take action. Start small at first. If you find it rewarding, go further still. Everyone’s journey toward personal freedom is a unique expression of their being.

Learning is not limited to a predetermined, restrictive, standardized model.

Learning is not limited to a predetermined, restrictive, standardized model.

So if freedom is your goal, don’t wait around for political change or for the rest of society to get on board with your goals. Decentralize your life and enjoy the freest possible life today.

“The project of liberty is immediate and highly individual. Liberty is not an ideology; it’s a way of living. Liberty is a personal and individual project. The purpose of liberty is not to save western civilization. It is not to pass something on to future generations. Liberty is the project of an individual being free – and it’s an immediate project. To delay it in order to pass it on to someone three generations away doesn’t do them or you any good. History is yours, not society’s. You live in the present. If, for practical purposes, it occurs to you that the spread of liberty is an important component of your liberty, then it is prudent to spread it as much as possible.” Karl Hess – Elements of Liberty

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