Still Hoping for a Political Solution?

On the issue of federal funding of Planned Parenthood, Matt Walsh bemoans Republican complicity yet adds, “A ‘Defund Planned Parenthood’ bill will never pass without a Republican president and massive, overwhelming Republican majorities in both houses. And even then, they have to be extremely conservative Republican majorities.”

To that I say, ‘LOL.’

Elected members of congress have a simple, straightforward job description…adhere to the *Constitution. Nowhere in that document is there permission granted to the central government to funnel money from the people to ANY business or industry. The members of congress have, by and large, been in violation of their job description for decades.

But who can blame them? (I can.) They have found a way to game the system, benefit financially, and amass political power for themselves while yahoos back home bicker over which businesses and industries are deserving of taxpayer money funneled through the fedgov coffers. See a pattern? constitution shred

This issue will not be solved in the way many social conservatives back home would like. Conservative Republican office holders NEED THIS ISSUE TO STAY ALIVE for fundraising/campaigning purposes. And social conservative voters do not appear to have a grasp on the whole ‘limits on fedgov powers’ when convenient. This issue (not only abortion, but the larger issue of Life in general) is rife with hypocrisy. There is not a political solution.

Matt Walsh’s Facebook post 8/3/15:

The bill to defund Planned Parenthood didn’t pass. It was never going to pass. It wasn’t meant to pass. Earlier today I wrote something where I said “I’m glad Republicans are trying,” but I shouldn’t have written that. They aren’t trying. They are creating a talking point. That’s all. Be careful about any Republican who overly trumpets his own involvement in, or support of, this bill. He knew it had no chance. He knew it was impotent. He knows he’s bragging about putting his name on a fruitless piece of legislation that was designed to fail. Ted Cruz has been honest on this point, and that’s a mark in his favor.

If Republicans are really serious about defunding Planned Parenthood, they can’t write a bill to defund Planned Parenthood and then ask 7 or 8 Democrats to vote yes and hope the President is drunk and in the middle of a psychotic breakdown on the day they send the bill to his desk. That’s the only way he’d somehow forget to veto the thing.

A “Defund Planned Parenthood” bill will never pass without a Republican president and massive, overwhelming Republican majorities in both houses. And even then, they have to be extremely conservative Republican majorities. We don’t have that. Everyone knows we don’t have that. That bill wasn’t going to pass. It wasn’t designed to.

If Republicans really want to defund Planned Parenthood, they have to play hardball. As many other conservative writers have pointed out, they need to attach defunding to bills liberals want. They have to hold liberal legislation hostage. They have to say to the president, “You will not get anything you want, ever again, if you don’t sign a bill with an amendment to defund Planned Parenthood.” They have to be tough, persistent, and aggressive. They have the numbers to force this issue, but the question is whether they have the courage and integrity.

On that point, I’m not optimistic. So it goes back to us. We have to push this. We have to understand what we’re asking our representatives to do. Don’t ask them to write another bill just like this one. Demand that they include Planned Parenthood defunding as amendments on bills the Democrats like. Republicans had this chance last week when some of them tried to attach an amendment to the Highway Bill. Mitch McConnell blocked the amendment, but then turned around and sponsored the legislation that was just voted down tonight. He blocked the thing that would have worked in favor of the thing that had no chance of working. He’s a fraud.

A lot of them are frauds. Conservatives have few friends in the Republican Party, and even fewer who are actual vertebrates. We have to metaphorically smack them around if we ever expect them to do anything. After all, the feds have been funding abortions for decades and never has the Republican Party made much of an issue about it. They CONTROLLED ALL THREE BRANCHES OF THE GOVERNMENT not too long ago, and they did nothing to stop Planned Parenthood. Only now do they pretend to care because it’s expedient.

So, fine, let’s make sure they realize it’s expedient to stay on this issue. It’s expedient to use every trick and tactic in the book to make this happen. It’s expedient to grind the whole damned government to a halt if that’s what it takes. It’s expedient to take every dirty little move Democrats have been using forever and turn it against them. It’s expedient to give them a dose of their own medicine, for the sake of saving human lives.

It’s expedient to make this happen. One way or another. No matter what. Or they’re all useless to us and we’ll replace them all when the time comes. That’s the message we need to send. Don’t give up. This battle has barely even started. You aren’t off the hook, Republicans. We aren’t satisfied. We aren’t impressed. And we won’t be satiated until you get the job done. For once.

* For a thorough, realistic study on the Constitution (theory and philosophy), go here.


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