2015 Year in Review!

Liberty on Tap enjoyed a wonderful year of socializing, discussing, debating, learning, and sharing. Here is a quick review of our year. 2016 promises to be just as awesome!



Liberty on Tap presented a panel discussion with Q & A on the topic of non-institutionalized, independent learning (a.k.a. homeschooling, un-schooling, etc.). We covered the freedom philosophy as it pertains to education, overcoming obstacles, shattering the stereotypes, and more. Our panel included moms who provided a variety of methods of educating. From structured, faith based methods to secular, unschooling methods. We also heard from young adults who had been home educated.



Doug Landers followed up perfectly with his topic on Self Education.

He discussed the power of humans to direct their minds and, therefore, the world around them. He gave an excellent presentation and provided us with tools to make our vision a reality.



By turning the ‘All politics is local’ adage around from the politician’s perspective, how CAN we become effective activists and help implement positive change for our lives in our community?
George McFarlin told us about who really “owns” Tulsa.

Elissa Harvill shared her experience running for office.

Nathan Harvill gave us some useful information from City Hall.

Donna Dement commented on the ever controversial smart meter implementation.

Frank Grove updated us on the Medical Marijuana Initiative and his experience as an activist.


April even slidet

In April we discussed how the ‘Backyard Revolution’ leads to freedom. It goes beyond growing food or raising chickens. It was an interactive gathering that kicked off a series of backyard/living room workshops such as: Homemade and non toxic cleaning and beauty products, Urban Farming with Terri and a Microgreens Workshop with Sloth Acres.


bday bash

We celebrated our second birthday with a bash! The evening consisted of some acknowledgments, mingling, and cake.


Event graphic2

Jay Ramey, defense attorney in Tulsa, educated us on our rights when dealing with police.

He re-iterates: Do not consent to searches. Remember these words: “Am I being detained?” If not, then leave. If you are, then zip up and lawyer up.



July offered a great discussion in symbols and rituals. Why pledge allegiance to a flag? What are these things we do simply because we have been programmed to do so and why we should stop it.



Richard Engle joined us for a discussion on the state and marriage.

He also plugged his book, The Last American President.



Tina Kelly and Steve Long of the Oklahoma Libertarian Party filled us in on the party’s activities such as gathering signatures for ballot access, the challenges facing the party, and how others can get involved and why they should.


October Eventmexican1

Birth rights, options and the business of being born.
This is a time to question current alarming trends in maternity care today (more deaths, many more c-sections and interventions) and to explore natural options, like home birth and the advantages of having a midwife and/or doula. We had some local ones to share and respond to questions.



Sen. Kyle Loveless filled us in on his bill regarding Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform. SB 838 which, if passed, will reform Oklahoma’s horrid civil asset forfeiture laws. The government’s current legal ability to steal from citizens without due process affects EVERYONE!



Ted King – Smokers Rights Advocate – talked about the latest in policy, local and statewide, aimed at banning smoking and vaping not only in public places but in private business as well. He encouraged smokers to support businesses that allow smoking. We discussed the rights of the individual, private property, and public property. His Facebook Page is The War on Smokers and the Rise of the Nanny State

In addition to our regular gatherings and workshops mentioned above we also hosted a hiking event at the Keystone Ancient Forest.

We thank everyone who attended our gatherings as speakers, panel members, and attendees. Liberty on Tap is always looking for topics to discuss and those who would like to share whatever it is that is important to them, especially as it relates to individual liberty. If you would like to suggest something or are interested in speaking, please contact us at LibertyOnTapOK@Gmail.com

or fill out the contact form:

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