Slavery: A Conversation

I was invited by a friend to participate in a recent conversation about slavery.  These were a couple of the main points made that I chose to address when I was asked to share my thoughts.

Why would a person “choose” to place a chain around another’s neck? The government and systems, built and managed by the people,  for the people, do this everyday by treating us all, as our American culture sadly treats children. They give us information that guides us in the direction they want us to go.

We have no right to think that we are obliged to make decisions for anyone other than ourselves.

I was recently involved in a separate discussion about how taxation is theft that went beyond reason and logic, accelerating to an emotional diatribe of people re-defining terms, where theft was redefined as sharing, envy as compassion, and voluntaryism  as violence, asserting opinions as facts, facts as opinions, and eventually spiraling out to personal attacks and ad hominem. This “conversation” provided me with some clarity of thought so I could respond to my friend’s invitation.


The rulers are the psychopaths but it’s their minions that carry out the deeds. Why do they believe that what the megalomaniacs are ordering is just? An example is a cop ripping a child away from her loving parents because her parents are using cannabis as medicine to treat her seizures. Does he honestly believe what he is doing is moral and just? Perhaps he does. It’s not the Hitlers, Stalins, and Maos that are frightening, it’s all those willing to carry out their heinous orders because they hallucinate that others have a higher claim to their life than they do.

Of course they don’t see it as slavery. It’s hard to convince a slave they are a slave. And it’s hard to try to break free of it when there are so many contented slaves. If that’s where they want to be, that’s their choice. Like me, maybe something will finally click and they’ll realize they’ve been fed lies and duped into supporting this immoral system. In the meantime though, while I just want to be free, they don’t want me to be free because they somehow perceive it as a threat to their situation.


I am a peaceful person. I advocate peace. I’m a peace activist. There are varying degrees of slavery. Sure people can be enslaved by their thoughts, ideas, and minds.  I can do many things somewhat freely but I am under the threat of violence in many areas where I could literally end up in a cage.

Where is my role? Starving the beast. That’s pretty much where I am. I try to share information with others that doesn’t make it to the mainstream. Maybe someone will see it and contemplate it. It worked for me. While I would like to help people remove their shackles I alone cannot change their perspective. I can only present information to them. I can also point out how wrong it is to force their shackles on me. I have found it interesting that while I would not force my freedom on anyone, others are willing to force their evil, murderous, system on me. And when I ask them how is that moral and just, they cannot answer. They walk away. I can only guess it’s because they don’t see how evil and immoral it is. So that’s the conundrum.

My mantra is “Live Free”. I guess we all have to find our own little ways of doing that to the best of our ability.


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