Potty Talk

Did all this bathroom nonsense start with a student? Was there a crime? I don’t think so. What came first? The bill to prevent LGBTs from using the potty of their choice or was it the LGBT push to create laws that “allow” it? Or to block potty policing bills?

This seems like a NON issue on a legislative level. If there are issues/problems within schools, private companies, etc, then those should be addressed. Please STOP asking that there be a LAW…asking for a law is just asking for more violence perpetrated by the state. LAWS will not create understanding and compassion. In fact, they will further divide and create a more hostile environment.

Cops Drag Lesbian Woman Out of Bathroom

Many places have now created “family bathrooms”. I think this is a great market response. There are no laws preventing mom’s from taking their little boys to the girls room, or daddy’s taking their little girls to the boy’s room and that’s the way it should be. However, it’s understandable that it could be uncomfortable for some parties and then consider that they may have other children in tow, thus family bathrooms. Tada! Isn’t that great?


Now let me point out a few things. Schools are awful..mmkay. How many actual (horrible) crimes have been committed by teachers, coaches, and fellow students? Too many! Yet kids are sent to these institutions every single day without a thought about it, or perhaps just an acceptance and a prayer that your child is not a victim. Rape, molestation, assault…those are all crimes and are illegal, yet they still happen.

Focus people. Stop crying to the state for more cussing laws! It’s immoral. It’s evil. And you will get exactly what you ask for. For example, how will such a law be enforced? Are they going to take a peak into your privates? Talk about a violation! In the meantime, if a trans is using the potty, not violating your space or privacy or assaulting you, then leave them the cuss alone! Chances are you don’t even realize who they are. How much do you scrutinize your bathroom mates? I rarely look at anybody. I am in and out, trying to touch as little as possible, and if someone is staring at me then I’m going to keep my eye on them because that’s weird. So if you are studying someone in the potty that hard to determine if they’re trans, then you’re just a creeper.


Pretty simple. If a crime ensues, it’s not because of their identity or orientation, it’s because they’re doing bad things. You are already likely sharing the potty with a very straight looking gay person who may be checking you out anyway.

Does this guy (Larry Craig) “look gay” or like a threat? While not assaulting anyone, he did proposition another man and if it hadn’t been an undercover cop, it would not have been a real crime for them to hook up (consenting adults) But, come on! In the bathroom?! How distasteful. Get a bedroom, not a bathroom.


How about rape via cop, violence via state agents, and theft via government be addressed as passionately and vehemently? Now there are some issues to raise a stink about.


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