Creativity Over Violence

When we entered this world, we entered it surrounded by layers of governments and myriad systems and institutions established by and composed of people who would manage, lead, rule, intervene, govern, protect, guide, influence, control, monitor…the list is as endless as the human imagination.

These entities did not come to us from On High or by magic, but were birthed by the imaginations of mere humans — humans no better than you or me.

These systems, these institutions, these hierarchies — these are simply the products of creative, enterprising men and women with motives ranging from noble to nefarious.

Must you dutifully accept or support these entities simply because they exist presently? Must you accept immoral institutions because tradition or blind patriotism demands it? Should you accept the reality you were born into and, at most, figure out how to best maneuver through the established systems? Or should you, will you, seek out ways to create a superior reality?

Create a superior reality? Isn’t that utopian?

Absolutely not! While we cannot escape the fact that as long as we are dealing with fallen man, we will deal with the problem of man violating the rights of others, the question we must ask is whether or not we will continue to tolerate a system of government in which such violence is institutionalized, legal, and enforced by bureaucrats and SWAT teams. I think we can do better than that. Don’t you?

So how do we cast off a system in which the power to initiate violence is illegitimately bestowed upon government bureaucrats by cowardly, greedy citizens who have some perverted sense of entitlement to the resources of others? It starts with each one of us boldly acting in defense of our own life, liberty, and property AND refraining from socially acceptable acts of aggression against others, namely, utilization of the ballot box.

Be at peace with your neighbors by not outsourcing violence against them when you visit the voting booth. Every tax, every bond, is a government gun pointed at your neighbor. It’s a government hand in their wallet. If you want a free society and claim to support the free market, you must respect the fact that we are not morally at liberty to take from others, even when such thievery is made legal by politicians. So the next time you have the opportunity for personal gain by voting for a tax on others, refuse to be a part of the problem. Instead find creative ways to reach your goals without the use of violence.

If your business cannot compete in the market without special legislatively created privileges, then perhaps it is time for a gut check. Consider applying your resources to innovating your business model rather than hiring a fleet of lobbyists to persuade politicians to legislate in your business’ favor.

Is there something you wish to change about society? Apply one of the most fundamental attributes of man, creativity, to the challenges around you. Although it may be easier to impose your views on others or enrich yourself through the ballot box, the path of least resistance just may come back to bite you one day. In fact, it will. And it should.

“Having confidence in a free society is to focus on the process of discovery in the marketplace of values rather than to focus on some imposed vision or goal. Using governmental force to impose a vision on others is intellectual sloth and typically results in unintended, perverse consequences. Achieving a free society requires courage to think, to talk, and to act – especially when it is easier to do nothing,” from “The Philosophy of Liberty,” the epilogue to The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible, A Free Market Odyssey by Kenneth Schoolland.

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