Defending Freedoms and Letting Go of the Notion of Constitutional Rights

I am involved in many groups that are educational and activist in nature with an emphasis on pushing back against government encroachments upon our various liberties. As I engage in discussions with people in this effort, I am getting the feeling that a misguided belief has crept into our thinking: If a right or freedom is not expressly listed in our founding documents, it does not exist.

We need to understand this foundational concept. Our rights do NOT come from the Constitution nor its first ten Amendments. In addition, our rights as human beings span far beyond those ten enumerated rights. We are endowed BY OUR CREATOR with unalienable rights that are NOT limited to, but include, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

This is not an issue of semantics. Understanding the origin and limitlessness of our natural rights is essential and we need to get it right when framing the discussion.

The Bill of Rights enumerates some important rights. But you also have the right:

• to travel freely without having to ask permission of the State
• to purchase weapons and use them for defense
• to keep and enjoy the fruits of your labor
• to enter into voluntary transactions & contracts with others
• to not be forced to enter into involuntary transactions such as socialized healthcare
• to consume any food or beverage regardless of its approval status by State agents
• to ingest, inhale, or cultivate a plant
• to not have your body touched or seen naked by agents of the State
• to not be forced by a government entity to be vaccinated
• to not be forced to attend or fund government institutions
• to be free from warrantless surveillance including electronic data surveillance
• to not have data collected and stored about every aspect of your life
• to build, recreate, plant, farm on your own property as you see fit
• to fully own your own property (the right not to be forced to pay rent to the State)
• to use barter and alternative currencies for trade
• to not fund government expenditures against your will
• to not fund another person’s existence or pay for other people’s poor decisions
• to be free to accept the consequences of your own actions
• to be free from other people’s preferred rulers
• to be free to practice your religion, even if your religion differs from the majority
• to be free to not practice any religion at all
• to deposit or withdraw any amount of your own money into your own bank account without government scrutiny
• to not be compelled by law to take safety precautions (seat belt laws, helmet laws)
• to remain in one’s home during a State-declared emergency
• to retain one’s firearms in the case of a State-declared emergency
• to simply be left alone by one’s government

Put your mind to it and I bet you can think of more rights and freedoms. But remember, these are YOUR rights to defend. It would be absurd to trust agents of the State to be compelled by the State to fight for these rights and freedoms on your behalf. Agents of the State represent the State, not you.

Stay vigilant and push back. Find like-minded allies and get creative. Do not resort to using the language of the aggressor such as “Constitutional Rights” or “our rights as Americans” that imply that your rights are government granted. Never resort to using the State’s tactics such as the initiation of violence. And be consistent. Everyone’s natural rights are worth protecting, not only those you personally agree with — but all of them. Focus on the aggressor rather than your own personal agenda.

It is illogical to entrust the protection of your liberties to the entity that relentlessly encroaches upon them. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Yours.

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