People are Bad So We Need a Government Made Up of Bad People

The following was submitted by Deacon Mosley in response to an argument that the state is needed to keep ‘bad’ people in check.

There will be and are bad people and the state does nothing to prevent that. Quite the contrary, it creates a situation that protects and makes those actions “lawful” for those who wear the label “government” and also imbues them with the ability to provide themselves with limitless resources to accomplish their ends.

Without the state, you still have bad people, but they no longer have the luxury of making their own rules via “law” and they no longer have the ability to obtain unlimited resources.

Their actions that have to do with anyone NOT government are ALREADY voluntary. Do people really believe that bad guys will no longer fear retaliation if they do bad things? Actually, the punishment would likely be more severe in many cases and would definitely be more fair.


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