January Gathering

Belief in Authority  – A Discussion with Deacon Mosley

“Now in the case of government, the problem is not that there’s this big nasty gang. It’s that the vast majority of the victims of this big nasty gang imagine an obligation to obey it because they imagine it to be authority.” – Larken Rose

“An Old World Revolution is only a movement around a motionless center; it never breaks out of the circle. Firm in the center is  belief in authority.” Rose Wilder Lane – The Discovery of Freedom

Do you worry if you stop believing in the authority of government that the world will collapse into mayhem? Does government really have any authority? What is government?

Do people have the right to rule others? How do they acquire this right?

How and why these beliefs are dangerous will be discussed during this presentation based largely on Larken Rose’s book: The Most Dangerous Superstition. Some of our beliefs may be challenged but let’s talk about it!

Thursday, January 21st at 6 pm
Please join us in the private dining room for great tex mex and conversation!

Chimi’s Mexican Food
Tulsa tradition since 1983
15th & Peoria
Tulsa, OK

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