Are you registered to vote?

This appears to be a trend on social media today.

We hear over and over that you should — I mean, it’s a privilege, it’s a duty — vote to make your voice heard. Let’s think about that. On designated dates, you should stand in a line in which speaking of the election/issues (politicking) is frowned upon and where even wearing clothing or buttons in support of a candidate is prohibited. Free speech? Your voice? Shhh! You should stand there politely in line, wait your turn, go into a private area, and mark your choice between (usually) two people who are vying for a position of power over you, who will make decisions that directly affect you, neither of which represents your interests because that would be impossible. Now you can go home. You have fulfilled your duty. Don’t you feel patriotic now?

This is your voice?

Anonymous. Private. Quiet. Well-mannered.

The effect. Nominal at best. But at least you didn’t offend anyone with your opinion. Thanks.

I see this attitude toward affecting change more with women than men and I am perplexed by it. C’mon, ladies…It is not “good manners” to be silent in the face of evil. It is complicity.

Racial oppression, abortion, illegal wars, government overreach, privacy issues, attacks on religious liberties, warrantless SWAT raids, corruption in the justice system, oppressive laws, cronyism, legal government thievery, check points, licensing and regulations, interventions in the market, government violence against individuals…voting is not going to solve these problems. Why? Because public opinion is not affected by voting and politicians follow public opinion, not the other way around.

So please speak up. Engage in discussion. Your friends and the greater community would like to hear from you. Don’t shy away from people who might disagree with you. Debate is not a bad thing. It’s actually quite healthy to express your thoughts and be challenged by others. It’s up to you to keep yourself from getting into personal attacks and inserting logical fallacies, but this is entirely possible. Allow iron to sharpen iron. Grow. Through speaking up and opening yourself up to challenge, you, the people you dialogue with, and even the silent onlookers might learn something from it or maybe find some common ground.

So, what do you think about………?

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