April Gathering – Mental Health & the Criminal Justice System

Does the cause of those suffering from mental illness who are also impacted by our criminal justice system have adequate public support?

Please join us as we explore this topic with a discussion facilitated by David van Rissegham. David has served as President of and is currently on the board of directors of the Tulsa chapter of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), serves as Chairman of its Legislative & Public Policy Committee, is a certified teacher of NAMI’s Family to Family course for assisting families impacted by mental illness, is a member of NAMI’s training team for CLEET certification in Crisis Intervention Training for Peace Officers and Detention Officers. He is currently assisting in the training of the Tulsa County Jail Detention Officers who have been selected to staff the new Mental Health facility in the David L. Moss Center.

A crises point has been reached in Tulsa County and changes are on the way. Learn what you need to know about this issue and why it matters to people who are not mentally ill or incarcerated.

Thursday, April 6th at 6pm
Chimi’s on Cherry Street
Private Dining Room
15th & Peoria
Tulsa, OK

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