I’m surrounded by people who are working around the system. Individuals are rendering the state unnecessary. They are building community, peacefully interacting with others from all walks of life and decentralizing.

The state has duped many of us into thinking there is no other way but its way. The state has been diabolical in programming via public education institutions, media, textbooks, and public assistance programs, blurring the lines of right and wrong, immoral and moral. It has worked so well that many of us forget that it is the individual who acts. Individuals comprise community. The power is within each of us. If we would redirect our energy and resources to lifting each other up, supporting entrepreneurs, innovators and inventors, and decentralize our lives by strengthening our local networks, we could do amazing things!

The only real function of the state is to be a parasite on peaceful people so that it can perpetuate evil in the world via politics, foreign and domestic policy, drug war, terrorism war, this war and that war. The state declares war on the individual, on the peaceful, productive people from whom it leeches hindering their ability to break free from its grasp.

I encourage you to support the efforts of those who are working to build local community, counter economies, relations with their neighbor, and overcoming differences to support a model founded on peaceful, voluntary, actions.

The state is founded on coercion and violence. As such, it does not support freedom and peace. The violence is further perpetuated via elections, representatives, and legislature, strengthening its foundation.

Help create balance by focusing on some positive endeavors such as these. Concentrate your energy into building upon the foundation of freedom and voluntaryism. Here are a few groups and services that I’m currently familiar with and I will gladly pass more along as I find them. Also, please send me any groups or individuals doing something similar and I will share them.


Unity Tree Gardens in Tulsa

The Conscious Resistance Network

Freedom Cell Network



Crypto Currencies

In the meantime, if  you are interested in working on such efforts here in the Tulsa area, please contact me at or use our contact form.

In August, The Conscious Resistance and Free Thinkers of Houston are bringing their Decentralize Your Life tour to Tulsa. I’ll share more information as we cinch up the details. We are really looking forward to this!

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