May Gathering – Birthday Bash

We are celebrating four years of building community, discovering stateless approaches to all aspects of life, becoming informed and involved in our community, and networking with like-minded people in a casual, friendly setting.

This month we are meeting at Elgin Park Brewery in the private room (kids are definitely welcome) located at 325 E Brady downtown across from the ballpark. We will have some fun things planned for you and some other surprises. Also we will provide an opportunity to put into practice what we preach about using non-state solutions to help people in our own community.

As most of you know, our friend and fellow activist, Damon Beck (who, BTW, is a single father to and provider for three wonderful daughters, has the most positive disposition, and was at the forefront of the petition initiative process to get SQ788 [medical cannabis] on the ballot…I’m sure that is completely irrelevant here :/ ) has been thrown in a cage for the act of possessing vegetation that our Creator gave us for the purpose of healing our diseases, alleviating our pain, and more.

Of course, the “law” knows better and has found it in the best interest of society to house Damon (against his will) in a taxpayer funded (against our will) facility where he can no longer work a couple of honest jobs as he was doing prior to his incarceration to keep a roof over his girls’ head and food on the table. And so this is the nature of the state…no surprise.

SOOO, at our Birthday Bash, we would like to provide a convenient way for people to show their support for the Beck family on any level, whether in the form of money, household staples, gift cards, or whatever anyone wants to do. Regarding $ donations: Damon’s attorney and friend of LoT, Jay Ramey, has set up an account which is completely transparent to all donors. The funds donated to this account will be used to pay rent and other essentials. Donations of any sort are more than just financially beneficial, they also encourage and uplift the spirit.

Everyone who makes a donation of any amount will be entered to win a Liberty on Tap tshirt and we would love it if everyone could send a message to Damon showing him that we are out here and we care and that he is not forgotten (we’ll provide a card and mail it).

We hope you can join us!

* Liberty on Tap is non-partisan and we don’t have a ‘membership’. We’re just a group of people that puts together interesting, informative, in-person events for people who enjoy socializing with other free-thinking individuals.

Thursday, May 4th at 6 pm
Please join us in the private dining room
Elgin Park Brewery
325 E MB Brady St
Tulsa, OK

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